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Interim Marketing Management

What is Interim Management?


Here we explain what Interim Management is, how it can help you and also provide a section to answer commonly asked questions.

About Interim Management

Interim management is the provision of an executive contracted on a short-term basis to carry out a specific management task within a company. Increasingly, interim managers are recognised as the practical implementers.

An interim manager may be the ideal solution to a temporary skills shortage for your company if it is:

  • embarking on a new project or trial
  • short of specific expertise or needing to support a newly placed executive
  • struggling to cope with the sudden loss of a senior executive
  • restructuring or relocating
  • underperforming or has a poorly performing unit.

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Key benefits

Interim Managers are:

  • result-oriented and flexible
  • cost-effective on a full or part time basis
  • independent and objective
  • accustomed to working within a finite period of time
  • available immediately.

70% of companies that use interim managers use them again.

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Q and A

1. What is interim management?
The provision of additional management resources where and when they are needed.

2. Who are interim managers?
They are experienced hands-on executives and managers with proven track records.

3. When am I likely to need an interim manager?
The need to use an interim manager can occur at any time when additional management expertise is required:

  • for a growing company
  • to improve a company's performance
  • to 'hold the fort' during the recruitment of a new manager
  • when there is an excessive workload, backlog or an unexpected increase in business.

4. At what level do interim managers operate?
All executive and management levels from Chairman to line manager.

5. Surely the interim manager will need weeks to get to know my business?
An experienced Interim knows the client's industry & has the skill to be effective from day one.

6. How much does an interim manager cost?
The cost is comparable with the total cost of employing a permanent manager, taking account of all employee costs such as:
National Insurance, pensions, health insurance, company car, payroll costs, relocation costs.

7. How will using an interim manager affect the permanent staff?
Experience shows that interim managers are made welcome for a number of reasons:

  • they bring skills and experience to the company
  • their appointment is a positive management decision
  • they are temporary and therefore not a threat.

8. What happens when the job is completed?
The contract comes to an end and there are not any termination costs.

9. What is the difference between interim managers and management consultants?
Interim managers are doers. They are 'hands-on' managers employed to do specific management tasks. Management consultants are advisors. They make recommendations.

10. Who uses interim management?
All companies, from major Plc’s to small family-owned businesses, from International Corporations to small Start-ups.

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